Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 9: Sources of Innovation - Change of Perception & Knowledge based Innovation (1 Hour- 3 Mar 2011

Learning Objectives
  • Know what perception is
  • Know how change of perception creates new opportunities for innovation
  • Understand the possible challenges faced when dealing with perception changes

What is Perception?

Changes in Perception: (Electric Cars being preferred compared to standard fossil fuel powered Cars)

Knowledge Based Innovation:


In your I&E Personal Blog,

1. List at least 2 examples of innovation due to the 7 sources of innovation
  • Unexpected Success
  • Unexpected Failure
  • Change in Market structure or industries
  • Changes in incongruity of process
  • Change of Demographics
  • Change of Perception
  • Due to new knowledge or technology
2. Write down 2 examples of innovations that have cause a positive impact on your life. Explain how it done so.

  • You may use your LD to complete this task

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