Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Task for 24 Feb

Task 1 (20 Mins)
  • Read the post below - "Innovate! - The Steve Jobs way".
  • Reflect on your personal I&E Blog what have you learn from Steve Jobs' Innovation Principles titled: "What did I learn from Steve Jobs"

Task 2 (30 Mins)
  • One source for Innovation is Unexpected Failure. Read the line here and find out why the Edsel from Ford Motor failed despite extensive research.
  • Write down your own conclusion in your I&E Blog titled: "Why I think Ford Motor failed with Edsel"

Task 3 (5 Mins) - Class Discussion
  • Discuss why Apple Ipad was a huge success even though many thought it will be a failure product based on past year experience in tablet devices.

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